New York Flourishes

Mayor Giuliani and a nationwide economic boom were responsible for the rise of New York City and have transformed it into the splendid place of culture and excitement that we all know today. Giuliani cracked down on so called ‘quality of life offences’ such as urinating in public and sleeping rough on the streets; the rail transit system runs efficiently and cheaply and New York is now thought to be the safest large city in the entire US.

The 1990’s stock market boom helped fund building and general public spending, there have been numerous extensions and added services to the New York transit system throughout the 1990s and onward into the present century, incorporating close ties between subway, trolley and bus services, system-wide metro cards and low pollution fuel buses.

New York is not perfect though, it is a big city after all with all the usual problems, the gap between the poorest people and the richest is larger than ever and some people believe that the city has become meaner because of its hard line on homelessness during Giuliani’s reign.

There is also a slowing down of people moving into the area due to the phenomenal rise in house prices. Nevertheless, New York is still considered one of the best places to go for great culture, bargain shopping and excellent food choices in the world.