New City York Economy

New York is similar to Hong Kong in that it could stand by itself as an independent city state due to its massive annual budget in excess of £15 billion – it is one of America’s, and the world’s leaders in finance, tourism and shipping and is considered one of the best addresses for major […]

New York City Environment

There have been huge efforts put into cleaning up New York’s waterways and air pollution in the past few years; before these changes were undertaken, New York’s dock area was in a great decline that lasted decades after the main shipping moved to a more modern superport in New Jersey. Even though there has been […]

New York City Weather

New York’s weather is usually listed as temperate in travel guides and meteorological surveys, but the truth is the weather can go to extremes to the point where the climate is almost unbearable. New York can have long periods of incomprehensible heat and humidity during the summertime; where in winter, during December, January and February, […]

New York City Geography

New York City is mostly made up of 50 islands, besides Manhattan, that span a 309 square-mile area. Some of the islands are basically lumps of rock in the water, but the larger islands include, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island; the three of which make up the western most point of Long Island, something that […]