Statue of Liberty Museum of Immigration

Visit the Statue of Liberty and American Museum of Immigration.

 … the world’s most famous statue and a symbol of liberty in the United States. This 151-foot-high statue on its 152-foot-high pedestal has welcomed millions of immigrants coming from lands across the sea. It was dedicated in 1886 and was a gift of the people of France to the people of America. It stands on Liberty Island, and its base holds the American Museum of Immigration.

A fleet of specially-designed Circle Line ferries serves the Statue of Liberty. These modern ferries operate every day of the year from Battery Park, South Ferry, every hour on the hour between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.


IRT Broadway 7th Avenue LOCAL Subway to Battery Park, South Ferry
IRT Lexington Avenue EXPRESS Subway to Bowling Green
BMT LOCAL Subway to Whitehall Street
Broadway Bus ^6 to last stop: Battery Park, South Ferry
Taxi: West Side Highway or East River Drive to Battery Park, South Ferry

More info about the Statute of Liberty (french website)