Battery Park City

Extending for one mile on landfill in the Hudson River on either side of the World Trade Center is Battery Park City, a $1 billion plus new-town-in-town being built by a public authority created by the State of New York. When completed in 1986, Battery Park City will be occupied by upwards of 16,000 families and 35,000 daily service workers. !t will be the largest real estate development in the nation’s history. Work is now going forward on bulkheading and filling the northernmost 45 acres and the six acre area in front of the World Trade Center while construction of the first 1,642 housing units proceeds in the earlier fill areas south of the World Trade Center. The entire 100-acre project is being built on filled areas previously com­posed of obsolete piers.

New York City’s downtown sky­line will be completely different when Battery Park City is completed. It is already dramatically changed from only a few years ago with many fine new buildings. One striking new tower is that of the Seamen’s Church Institute facing Battery Park. It is home to men and women who serve on merchant vessels. Established well over a cen­tury ago, its facilities include library, gym, up-grading schools and chapel.