Sail the Hudson River

Sail the Hudson River on the new, luxurious excursion vessel “DAYLINER” “DAYLINER”Largest and finest river boat built in America in this generationCapacity 3500 passengers Overall length 308 feet by 65 foot beam Cruise up the beautiful Hudson River aboard our new vessel the Dayliner for 9 cool hours. Just sit back, relax, and feast your […]

Statue of Liberty Museum of Immigration

Visit the Statue of Liberty and American Museum of Immigration.  … the world’s most famous statue and a symbol of liberty in the United States. This 151-foot-high statue on its 152-foot-high pedestal has welcomed millions of immigrants coming from lands across the sea. It was dedicated in 1886 and was a gift of the people […]

New York City Subway

The New York City Subway System opened on October 27, 1904, with 28 stations in Manhattan. There are now 468 stations, most of which were built by 1930. There are now stations in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Staten Island’s subway system, the Staten Island Railway, is not contiguous with the New York City’s […]

New York City Ferries

Hundreds of ferries operated on New York’s rivers in the late 1800s. Most of these disappeared after the opening of several East Side bridges. Now, ferries have become popular once again. After the attack on the World Trade Center, when there were some temporary problems with subways and commuter rail trains, many New Yorkers turned […]

Getting Around Manhattan

In 1811, a grid system was imposed on the area of Manhattan north of Houston (pronounced HOW-ston) Street. The system consisted of 14 avenues, many of them numbered, running in a north-south direction, crossed by numbered streets running in an east-west direction. It makes finding your way around relatively simple. This street plan was established […]

New York City Buses

City buses operate 24 hours a day, generally along avenues in a south or north direction, and cross-town along the major thoroughfares (including 34th, 42nd and 57th Sts). Buses that begin and end in a certain borough are prefixed accordingly: ie, M5 for Manhattan, B39 for Brooklyn, Q32 for Queens, Bx29 for Bronx. Bus maps […]

New York City Language

There are hundreds of words that have filtered into American English via the languages of foreign immigrants. New York City is the most popular point of arrival for immigrants so, as you’d imagine, all kinds of words have been added to the local language as well as being absorbed into the American language as a […]

Racial Unease in New York City

David Dinkins, former New York mayor, once described the city as being a ‘gorgeous mosaic’ of differing people, which it is, but things have not always run so smoothly between the different ethnic groups. The main racial problems have arisen from a growing level of mistrust between New York’s African American population and other ethnic […]

New York City Jews

New York City has the oldest and largest Jewish community in North America. More than one third of all the Jews in the United States live in New York. Almost 2 million Jews live in New York City, which is the principal port of entry and site of settlement for new Jewish immigrants to the […]

New York City Hispanics

About half of New York City’s 1.8 million Hispanic residents are of Puerto Rican descent, the island has been a US possession since 1898, and its people have been US citizens since 1917. They began migrating here from the island in significant numbers during the Depression and began displacing Italians in East Harlem. As citizens, […]